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If you are woman
more than 17 years old
in Corfu island,
you are vegan, alone,
and looking for company,
contact me.

If you are single, in Corfu or you will be in Corfu for a while, any sex, and you want your WordPress blog like name.corfu.singles to upload pictures and talk about you to find mate, order it here now for only € 19 per year.

Pay once for 1 year
Pay auto every 1 year

After your payment, we will send you the passwords, after a reasonable period of one to two hours to install WordPress, except in rare cases, which may take a few hours longer. From there, you take care of the management of your website. If you ever need help, it costs 10 euros per hour. You also accept that we do not bear any responsibility for any unspecified reason and time cause of down time or other technical or financial damage to, or because of, your website.

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